BOD measurement

Leverandør: VELP Scientifica
VELPF102B0133EA 2775 NOK
VELPF102B0133 705-0736
BOD measurement
Measurement system without mercury for determination of the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by aerobic biological microorganisms in water. The sensor uses manometric technology and micrprocessor control to provide regular data measurements over defined periods.

  • Very simple to use and mercury-free
  • Five values every 24 hours can be memorised or viewed instantaneously on the numerical display
  • 1, 6 and 10 sample bottle versions available
  • Measurement ranges: 90/250/600/999 ppm BOD

Temperature control is usually required for reproducible results - please see entries for thermostatic cabinets and incubators which are supplied separately.

Leveringsinformasjon: The BOD systems includes sensors, dark glass sample bottles, alkali holder for absorption of CO2, stirrer platform (not for single bottle vesrion) and stirrer bars.
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