Face shields, Supervizor™

Leverandør: Honeywell Safety Products
DALL1002304EA 655 NOK
DALL1002304 DALL1002309 DALL1002310 DALL1004584 111-0550 DALL1004587 DALL1002330 DALL1002328 DALL1002308 DALL1004583 111-0728 DALL1002305 DALL1002295 111-0727 DALL1002323 111-0549 DALL1002318 DALL1002329
Face shields, Supervizor™
Robust, heavy-duty, helmet mounted face shield range with hearing protection compatibility. The products provide protection from abrasion, chemical hazards, gas, vapors and impact - they are therefore ideal for chemical applications or forestry.

  • Secure visor fixing methods allow easy visor replacement and maximum protection, allowing full unrestricted head movement
  • Items are compatible with a wide range of helmet designs and helmet mounted earmuffs (including Bilsom communication earmuffs)
  • Browguard with ratchet headband provides additional safety and comfort
  • Optional chinguards are available

Triacetate visors provide protection against molten metals and not solids penetration. They are chemical and scratch resistant. Triacetate also protects against heat and splashes of liquids.

Polycarbonate visors offer high resistance to heavy impact. SV9PCH is a clear abrasion resistant lens that offers resistance to surface change (anti-fog). SV9PGFH provides protection against hot solids, splashes of liquids and radiant heat sources, it is therefore ideal for use in high heat and high IR environments such as steel mills and metals processing facilities.

Acetate visors offer protection from liquids, splashes and scratches. Shaded acetate lenses provide protection when welding (use according EN 169:1992).

Bestillingsinformasjon: Visors are supplied without attachment system which needs to be ordered separately.
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