Distributors for reaction vessels (S), BOLA

Leverandør: Bohlender

BOHLD748-40EA 7500 NOK
BOHLD748-40 BOHLD748-16 BOHLD748-60
Distributors for reaction vessels (S), BOLA
Lokk Flaskelokk
PP screw cap, blue and PTFE body.

  • Very good chemical reistance
  • For working temperatures up to max. +250 °C (pp screw cap max. +140 °C)
  • FDC conform

Screw cap with GLS 80® thread, body with center ground joint and lateral GL-threaded or ground joint necks. Applications: Drawing or inserting aggressive or pure liquids. Inserting tubing, tubes and probes into vessels. Use of a stirrer bearing in center neck for centrical position of a stirrer shaft.
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