Inlet liners

Leverandør: Perkin Elmer
PERCN6121003EA 1600 NOK
PERCN6121003 PERCN6502002 PERCN1011447 PERCN6101372 PERCN6502005 PERCN6502004 PERCN6121002 PERCN6101539 PERCN6502011 PERCN6121004 PERCN6502007 PERCN6101052 PERCN6121006 PERCN6101375 PERCN6502009 PERCN6502006 PERCN6502003 PERCN6502000 PERCN6502012 PERCN6101703 PERCN6121022 PERCN6121021 PERCN6121020 PERCN6121001 PERCN6502016 PERC03300905 PERCN9302949 PERCN6502010 PERCN6502017
Inlet liners
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Liners protect GC columns against column contamination. These glass split and splitless inlet liners promote full vaporisation of samples, minimise mass discrimination, and achieve accurate and reproducible results.

  • Liners packed with wool help to trap non-volatile material
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