Cap sealing mats, Matrix SepraSeal® and DuraSeal®

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Cap sealing mats, Matrix SepraSeal® and DuraSeal®
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SepraSeal® and DuraSeal® capping systems offer a pierceable, individual tube sealing solution. They are made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with colorants and are DMSO resistant.

  • Low vapour transmission rates minimises evaporation and water uptake
  • Pierceable design allows samples to be accessed without removing caps
  • TPE construction ensures sealing performance will not degrade, even after multiple piercings

The SepraSeal® capping system offers the flexibility of individual tube capping plus the ability to apply 96 caps at once. Designed for storage down to −80 °C, SepraSeals® are available in a variety of colours in both sterile and non sterile configurations, with solid or pre-split cap designs. To access samples, solid seals can be removed with the SepraSeal® cap removal tool or pierced by liquid handling needles. For repetitive sample access, a pre-split SepraSeal® can be pierced multiple times with very little force required. Seal integrity is maintained due to its self-closing nature.

DuraSeal® is a permanently-installed, ultra-robust version of a SepraSeal® that enables storage down to the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen. It is ideal for applications requiring repetitive piercings. The V-shape of the DuraSeal® reliably guides liquid handling needles to the same location repeatedly with same self-healing capability as a SepraSeal®.
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